Shelbie by Melissa / Melissa

Shelbie was a character from the minute we got her. She picked us and from then i knew it was her we had to have. I swear she thought she was human most of the time. She followed me and my sister everywhere and was very loyal to my mum sometimes too loyal, in the sense we and my sister could get no where near my mum. It was so funny. She did things that made me laugh all the time, like steal our shoes and socks, sit at the oven when dinner was cooking, sneak out the hole in the fence to go round the front garden, stalk the birds, cuddle in bed with me, give me two paws instead of one. Lay below the trampoline so no one could go on it. The funniest was when she used to sneak up the stairs to one of our beds or when she stole my auntie’s false teeth.
She was just so funny.

The day before she died no one knew she had a tumour as she was just a baby(4),the tumour ruptured and she died through the night, without any warning she was taken from us. But the main thing was she didnt suffer; she was fine until the tumour ruptured and by this point, she had pain relief and a very caring vet. We got to say goodbye but the pain doesn’t ease; it feels like your heart has been ripped out as she was a very important member of our family.

She will never be forgotten. She was the best friend anyone could have had, just wish we could have had longer with her. Love you loads, Shelbie, you were the best.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


You were the best baby anyone could have ever have wanted.Hope your behaving up there and not stealing too many socks.
Love your big sis.xxxxxx