SIR NEMO by Mike Parker / Dad

He came into the world shortly after 2a.m. The third of six puppies born that day. Nemo was a
very energetic pup who wanted all the attention
that could given by myself and his mom.Nemo was a born clown. He was a daddy’s boy. For a dog,
he loved to be around old tractors. At a local Christmas parade, he rode in hopper on my tractor
and all you could see of him, were his front paws
and the tips of his ears. This little guy did not
like being left alone. Nemo loved to play hard with his mom, and bad news came while I was on vacation, that he got out of his kennel and was hit and killed. I rushed home as fast as I could cutting my vacation short. For seven short months Nemo was the star of my life.
My pride and joy.
Thanks SIR NEMO for adding to my life.


Rest in peace buddy.
I see you again someday.
Mike Parker