Sparrow by Danita



September 30 ----- February 14 { Valentine's Day }


You came into our lives like a breath of fresh air

I never knew that the love for a non human could be so strong

but indeed you were one of Gods creatures

and I feel no guilt in loving you so deeply.

You never asked for fame expect that you be recognized

as a family member in our eyes

You never asked for fortune but gave us boundless

riches of adoration and affection,

You never criticized or debased

you never interrupted but always listened never turning away

you have flown away

but the memory of you remains nestled in our hearts

I can feel the breathe of it on my souls face,

its panting breathe warms and comforts my being

Other dogs may come in your place

but know other Dog could replace you.

You sang a song inaudible to the human ear

but not the human heart and although you have flown away

like the bird you were named after the refrain of your

memorable song echoes upon the fresh air

that brought you to us.