I’m so very sorry for everything, I put you though. But,I hope and pray that you knew that I loved you so very much Spirit, I was only trying to make you better.

Spirit I never wanted to lose you touch.

I wanted to make you better and if I let you suffer to long, please forgive me Baby Girl. I never meant
to hurt you in anyway.

I loved you too much to ever do that Spirit.

You were a wonderful cat and a faithful friend
for so many years.

You were such a loving cat there’s no doubt in my mind about that.

You’ll be missed every day.
You took a piece of our hearts with you.

The tears fall like spring rain, til we met again,

You were loved so very, very much Spirit, our hearts are broken with every word that’s wrote,

Spirit, now that your without pain,

and can just know I tried my very best ,

Your memory will always be in our mind and hearts,

We are so very glad that our lives you were a part,

so, Baby Girl, Spirit, we cry in pain,

just to hear you purr again,

but, even though, we know that’s not possible anymore,

We feel like we won the battle and lost the war,

But, now that your resting in heaven doors,

Baby, Spirit, We love you, it’s tearing us apart,

There will always be an empty space in our heart,

In our hearts and mind we say why,

Did you have to die that way,

We buried you under a shady tree Connie and me,

Now, finally your Spirit can be free,

The way all spirits should be,

Cherrio, Spirit, [Baby Girl] til we met again, someday,

Until then the pain won’t go away,

It will be with us night and day,

I’m so very, very sorry it had to be this way,

I know your looking down for up above,

Always, remember how much you were loved,

Oh, Spirit Baby Girl, our hearts cry out for you,

Wondering what else could I do,

Did I do the right thing or was I wrong?,

The hurt and pain is so very strong,

Grandma, Caesar, and Smokey will remember
and miss you too,

But, I think that, you already knew,

Just know I was never trying
to put you thru any more pain,

I only wanted you to get you better again,

When , I had to force feed you it ripped me apart,

And to see you struggle to swallow broke my heart,

Then to watch you try to walk and fall and cry,

Only made my hopes all fade and die,

I, heard you try to breathe and trying to get air,

With every effort my heart was with you there,

You fought so very hard Baby Girl, I was so proud of you,

Even in my own mind and heart I knew,

That I was just a matter of time before that, I was losing you,

And then, I asked you if you wanted to go,

In your own way you let me know,

That it was time to say good – bye,

Even at that moment all I could do was cry,

We still shed a tear,

Wishing you were here.

Spirit, Baby Girl we will always and forever hold you in our hearts and minds forever near and dear to us .

Written with so very much love to our Baby Girl, Spirit.

To Baby Girl Spirit

From Kaye Her Mommy

We lost Spirit Baby Girl

Sat, August 10th @12:24p.m

She will forever be in our hearts and minds .

LOVE YOU Baby Girl, Spirit.


10, Aug 2002