Spooky by Caitlyn / Caitlyn

This story starts before I was even born. My mother lived in a small apartment with my father. My mother (Becky), was headed out to work when she saw a small kitten. She came up to a business man who was on his way to work. She came up to him crying, he just pushed her out of the way. Becky went over and took her into her hand;she was so small that was all you needed. This was in the month of October, the year 1991. She was named Spooky for the way she always spooked. We never knew her real birthday, but she was found near Halloween, so her birthday became October 31st.

Two years passed,and I was born. Spooky lived a very full life. She lived in 4 different states over the course of her life: New York, Pennsylvania, Virgina, and Georgia. However times caught up with her. Spooky had always been skinny, but her weight had significantly dropped. She stopped eating and eventually drinking. The other three cats even noticed (even though spooky didn’t like other cats). Finally it hurt her even to be picked up. The last couple of nights were hard. She stayed in my moms bedroom at night.

Finally on Monday October, 22nd, we had her put to sleep. They used a sedative for her to fall asleep (she was not dead, just sleeping, or resting peacefully). She was not in pain. We held her for ten minutes. Then they took her away and put her to sleep. Now we finally know that she is happy and in a better place. Spooky is not in pain. She miss her very much, but she is not in pain.


With Much Love,