Spotty by Kahyla / Kahyla

The first time I met Spotty was when I was 5 yrs. old (now I’m 12) at my grandma’s house, on the night of the Harvest Moon. He was scratching and meowing at my grandma’s back door, when I opened the door he just simply looked at me then walk right into the house. He was pretty thin so my grandma fed him, he had no collar so
we couldn’t find out who his owners were.

Then next day we let him out and we didn’t see him until this really bad snow storm. He was “adopted” by my grandma since we didn’t know his owners, he was with us for 2 happy years and became
my other cat Buddy’s best friend.

But one night when I was 7 he went outside and never came back in the morning. When I woke up the next morning on Friday August 13, 1998 (interesting how he died on Friday the 13th) I asked my grandma were Spotty was, because he’d usually would be sleeping on the couch but he wasn’t there. When my grandma told me that Spotty got hit by a car, I felt like my heart just broke. We buried him near his climbing tree, I still miss him a lot and every time I come to my grandma’s house & got past the tree he was buried near I remember the good times we shared.


Missing you dearly with all my heart,