Tanner by The Hodgman’s / The Hodgman’s


I miss you so much my little friend.
You meant the world to me.
I never wanted your life to end,
cuz it was so perfect like it was suppose to be.
You always came when I called.
You never left my side.
but then that day you died, I balled.
I lost my faith and pride.
Yesterday I lost you forever.
I loved you so much it just melted my heart.
I won’t forget you, EVER.
We’ll never grow apart.
You were always happy and liked to play.
I never thought I’d lose you, that terrible wat.


Dedicated to my dog, Tanner,
who was hit by a car
October 12, 2003.
I love you baby and
12, Oct 2003
The Hodgman's