Tanner by The Hodgman’s / Your family


I miss you so much my little friend.
You meant the world to me.
I never wanted your life to end
cuz it was so perfect like it was suppose to be.
You always came when I called.
You never left my side,
but then that day you died, I balled
I lost my faith and pride.
Yesterday I lost you forever.
I loved you so much it just melted my heart.
I won’t forget you, EVER.
We’ll never grow apart.
You were always happy and liked to play.
I never thought I’d lose you, that terrible way.

Tanner, you were the best friend/dog ever and we all really miss you and love you so much. I wish that all of this never happened and that the car stopped or at least tried to stop and that you would still be here with us. You were my baby. I really really miss you and love you.


I wrote this poem for my school project 10/13/03
and it had to be someone near and dear to me <
12, Oct 2003
The Hodgman's