Tate by Cyndi & John Palmer / Love, Mom & Dad

On Monday, September 21, 2009, our big, beautiful golden boy, Tate took his last breath as we held him in our arms. And,
my husband and I are heartbroken.

Tate, an (approximately) 11 year old golden retriever, was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma July 21 following surgery to remove a mass on his spleen. We knew the prognosis was very grim, but we thought we would have more time with him! We did all we could, but yet it was not enough. Our wonderful, sweet boy, despite the strong pain medication, was suffering and we had to make the toughest decision of our lives . . to let him go.

Tate, also affectionately known as “Tater Bear” – came into our lives about 10 years ago. Tater Bear started life out in Tulsa, OK. As a very young pup, he was found by rescue volunteers wandering the streets in the Spring of 1999. He made his way to Missouri to a local rescue group and that is how we met our big guy. We were part of the dog transport team that helped get him on his way to a new life. Something happened that warm day in May, we fell in love with a goofy, clumsy little golden pup and knew we wanted to make him a part of our family. He spent the first couple of weeks with the rescue foster home where he somehow managed to get under foot of the resident horse and was kicked!! Poor little Tate. Following his recovery from the accident, we arranged to officially adopt him and bring him home with us to Kansas,
where he belonged.

The next 10 years were filled with so much joy and on occasion, a little frustration! We always said Tater was an aspiring carpenter! In his early years, he managed to “redecorate” our kitchen, living room and anywhere else he could sink his teeth into any wood fixture. Thank goodness he finally “grew” out of that and went on to be the absolute best dog. Always loving and fiercely devoted to us…especially my husband John. They were a pair! Tater was John’s “big guy” and although he loved me too, he was John’s boy.

Tate’s heart was true to his breed – completely golden! He loved everyone he met, including the injured wildlife he found in our yard. There were many times he brought baby squirrels, bunnies or rabbits to our back door, carrying them so gently in his mouth and as if to say, “hey Mom . . . they need help!”

Tate always loved the park. He loved to run with our other goldens and play in the lake. Last weekend, although the cancer had the best of my boy, he went to the park for the last time. We carried him in a blanket and sat under a shade tree, close to the lake. Tate was happy. He shared his cookies and water with all the other furkids who would stop by to say hello. I will never forget that lovely afternoon.

Our home will never be the same without our Tate. And, once I can get through the day without crying, I know the countless memories he left us with, will live on forever.

Go in peace our brave boy . . . look for Bentley, Kelsey and Sidney and keep each other company until we all meet again someday.

We love you and miss you more than you’ll ever know.


You will always remain in our hearts,
Cyndi & John Palmer