The Old Cat by Roberta & Family


"The Old Cat"

1986 ----- November 9 1999


In Memory of the Old Cat


My faithful friend has gone away to a place I cannot follow.

To long green grass and rushing brooks and a time just past tomorrow.

He's left a spot here in my heart that is empty and so aching

That the tears won't stop. They go on and on. I know my heart is breaking.


He was only a stray an old tom cat when he found us one fine day.

He was all beat up and nearly starved and I thought he'd run away.

But with food and warmth and a lot of love he made my house his home.

And I thanked God each and everyday that he never more would roam.


But time flies by in the wink of an eye and the autumn of life draws near.

And then even love and the best of care cannot prevent the time you fear.

The Old Cat's gone. He has slipped away ... my cat my pet my friend.

But our love goes on and follows you until in Heaven we meet again.


Always loved and forever missed,

Cliff Roberta Sharon Chris and all the other cats

especially the Calico and Baby.





The Old Cat
Roberta & Family