Tigger Cabral by Mark


" Tigger Cabral/ Schleicher "

May 1988 ---- June 28 2000

Orange Tabby Cat

Our Companion Our Friend

Tigger oh Tigger our companion our friend

from here down on earth our love do we send.

We miss all your antics we miss your meow not blessed by

your presence it's emptiness now.

You played with the ribbon put paws in our drink

to imagine you gone we never did think.

You laid in our garden & picked at the grass

it's all just a memory of good times passed.

You've past on to heaven you beautiful boy,

now you give angels a bit of your joy.

Tigger oh Tigger we miss & we love,

we hope you can see us from high up above.

You were the best pet that you could have been

but more than that Our Companion Our Friend.


By: Mark Schleicher






Tigger Cabral