Tilley by Nancy Lowe / Nancy

I’ve had animals in the past and take the responsibility of their care very seriously. Never have I lost a pet before they lived their life into old age. Tilley, I’m so devastated that you were taken so young. I promise you, I will keep investigating and find out who killed you. I feel so bad, like I let you down when I didn’t notice quick enough that there was something so seriously wrong with you. You were such a strong girl and maybe you fought on your own before you let me see the signs.

See, on Monday Tilley was her usual frisky self and showed no signs of a problem. Since I moved to Colorado from Texas I no longer have a fenced backyard. That was never a problem though, both you and Lacey learned the routine of us going outside and around to the backyard. Somehow on Monday night in the corner of the backyard you must have found some rat poison. There was NO reason for it to have been there!! The yard is well manicured and I have NEVER seen a rodent of any kind! Someone had to have placed it there and I just can’t understand why!! You never bothered anyone, and were never allowed to roam free, so I just don’t understand!! How could anyone be so heartless? You seemed fine when we went to bed Monday night, but at some point you threw up that green colored poison followed by
what was blood from your stomach.

I WISH SO BAD that I had heard you being sick!! I would have gotten you straight to the vet! Unfortunately, I didn’t hear you and by morning you were obviously in serious trouble. I rushed you to the vet as fast as I could, and he worked so very hard to save you, but too much damage was done. At 11:30 that night you crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

Baby girl, I have gone over in my mind a thousand times how I could have done something different, but I have no clue. I’m so, so sorry that this happened to you.

I have talked to the police and I am still asking a lot of questions hoping that I can find that person and that they will be held responsible. Baby, you didn’t deserve that and no animal should fall victim to this person ever again. I promise I will not give up looking and I will NEVER forget you. I love you Tilley.


Your loving mom,
Nancy Lowe