Tinye by Earline McQueen / Mommy Earline

To my sweet Little Miss Tinye,
You have full the emptiness that I felt when my daughter left to join the Air Force. She got you for me so that all the love I give her, I could now give you, and you could give it back, that you did and so much more.
I love you so much, you gives me Love, Peace, A Reason, Laughter, joy, and all of the above. I Thank you for all the years and specially the last year that was so hard for you.
You are my everything and will aways be my everything.
Now you are in a better place. My little Miss Tinye you rest!
Mommy will always have you in her heart.

We all miss you so much.

Earline, Ronald, Denise, Tyrone, Taja, Mykeal, Darain, and Peaches the Bird.


"Would Not Have Made It Without You"
Earline McQueen