Tisha Ann Ellis

Dec. 1986 —– Aug. 13 2001

Cocker Spaniel

Tisha was brought home to me as a present almost 15 years ago

so small she was in my husband’s coat pocket.

These years both her and cookie were raised together.

Cookie passed first almost a year ago Sept 27.

My sweet Tisha passed to be with her on August 13 2001.

My sweet Tisha was so much a blessing.

I’ve definitely lost my two best friends.

Tisha was so sick trying to hang on just for me.

I couldn’t let her suffer. She didn’t deserve that.

I know there’s a special place for my two angels and

they are waiting for me in Heaven.

I thank God for my two sweet precious dogs.

They are really just like my children.

They will always be in my heart.

Mommy loves you two.



Tisha Ann Ellis