Tisha & Cookie Ellis by Teresa

I lost both my babies a year apart. I thought it would get easier but I still miss them so much. I miss Cookie always worring about me. She was my protector and I miss how my Tish always wanted me just to love on her. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing they are up there together running the fields in heaven.

I had Cookie for 14 years and Tisha for 15. I raised my kids with them. They are definitely in my treasure trove of memories. I just wanted them to know I still think of them often and miss them. They were definitely a gift from up above and I thank Dear God for them. My girls you are in my heart forever and I miss you guys always under my feet.


Your mommy
(till we see each other again
love and kisses…)


Tisha & Cookie Ellis
13, Aug 2001 & April 1986 ----- Aug. 27 2000