Toby “a.k.a. Big Tobes” by Chris and Masha’ Cochran / Daddy, Momma and Alley

Toby was a CHERISHED and DEAR FRIEND. Sometimes it was described as weird or strange the relationship that he and I had. Toby was more than a pet. He was a true friend without the ability to speak verbally. Toby was a person with four legs. Full of personality and the love of his treats, squeaky toys and petting. One of the few things that could brighten a day in just a second. Toby was dealt a bad hand but made the most of it until his last day. Toby will ALWAYS be missed and time will stand still. But the memories and love for Toby will never disappear. To know that he no longer feels bad is the only consolation. He will always be in our thoughts and most definitely our HEARTS! To think that I once did not even want him devastates me today. I have his memories. Toby will always be present, today and forever. We love you Big Tobes! We will be together again one day.


With forever Love,
Toby "a.k.a. Big Tobes"
Chris and Masha' Cochran