Toby by Charles L. Bean / Charles

It came as a surprise to hear her say,
As we sat after supper at the end of the day…
“We need a dog….”……..I paused without reply
For I had always agreed to comply….
With her wish not to “have a dog in my house”.

But this became a daily thing…….
The request that had a repeated ring..
And I began to believe ….
That she was serious, and not naïve…
Knowing what it meant to “have a dog
in my house.”

So we bought a book, and studied the breeds
To determine what was best to meet our needs….
And determined the Golden was the best for us
To house, and to train, and to love, and thus..
We set out to find a “dog to have in our house”.

We made some calls; we answered an ad..
And finally we realized this was not a fad.
And GOD led us to Gap, and we stopped at a home
That bred Goldens, on a farm with room to roam.
And we were close to “having a dog in our house.”

There was a large litter about 8 weeks old
And I said to my wife, if I may be so bold…
“Pick the one that runs to you first…..
but they all ran to her legs with a burst.
Now what do we do about “having a dog in our house?”

But she leaned down and picked a healthy fellow
Who stayed at her feet, all golden yellow….
With tail wagging, it was love at first sight..
So we agreed to terms, to take home that night.
So that we might “have a dog in our house!”

So he rode home curled up in her lap
To the refrain of classical music
on our trip from Gap
This furry young creature had a place in your heart
From the moment you saw him…right from the start.
And we were glad to “have a dog in our house.”

The music seemed to sooth him to sleep
And he rode peacefully, ….although not deep
‘till we arrived at home, with our furball of joy
and we had no regrets over picking a boy….
And we were glad to “have a dog in our house.”

Male goldens grow to about 75 pounds..
Or so the book said, and we made our rounds
The vet laughed when she checked him out
And declared “He’ll be a hundred pounds no doubt!”
But now, we really “have a dog in our house!”

He ate well, loved to run, and
splash under the hose
As he grew in stature, and love
right under our nose.
A sturdy fellow, to say the least…….
And we were proud as punch
of this magnificent beast.
For now, we “have a dog in our house!”

He became a loyal companion, buddy and friend
A confidant, shrink, weather forecaster; and blend
of many things………most all of them plus
as he blessed our lives without much of a fuss..
for now, we “had a dog in our house!”

But our Heavenly Father knows more than we do
And had planned a little more than we knew
At about age three, he was struck to the floor
With a seizure, and tremors, and
there would be more
For the blessed “dog in our house.”

The Vet gave medicine to keep him sedate
And help ease the ordeal, and delay the fate
Of this beautiful dog, God gave us to deal
With some stages in life that are only too real
For he was our blessed “dog in the house.”

But, all good things are said to end
As a cluster of seizures would soon portend
The end of the life of this beautiful beast
A most beautiful presence, to say the least.
And soon we would lose “the dog in our house.”

It was extremely hard to decide his fate…
And take his life, on this sorrowful date
But end it we did, and thus he went up
To rainbow bridge, till we fill our cup
We had lost the “dog in our house.”

I have no doubt God watches our friends
And cares, and heals, regardless of the ends
Of their lives, just as we who must only believe
With faith in our Father, while now
we must grieve.
For our lost “dog in the house.”

Dogs are smarter than people, for they do not sin
And do instinctively what’s natural within
With boundless, uncompromising love….
Given without measure, no doubt from above.
We ALL need a “dog in the house.”

The LORD giveth, and taketh away…….
Praise GOD for the care he gives you today
If he did not care, he’d leave us to fend
On the seas of life, with no sight of an end.
Praise GOD for our “dog in the house.”

For Toby………who leaves a deeply saddened
“Mommy” and “Daddy” behind.


27, July 2002
Charles L. Bean