Torra by Keith, Dana & Lauren Terry / Mommy, Daddy, Lauren and your 4 fur siblings

Torra as I set here writing this one the night of your death I have to think back to the day daddy brought you home. When you daddy called me and told me he wanted to bring home another Schutzhund Bouvier I thought to myself “No” I can’t handle another dog at this time. Your human sister was just 1 year old and Duke was only a 2 year old Bouv that was a handful to say the least. You were already 6 months old and I couldn’t imagine that you could be the sweetheart you turned out to be.

We loved you at once and you took to Lauren like you were her mom. You were the sweetest, protection dog I had ever seen. You had a bite that was just unbelievable but yet you were so stable in your temperament. In your 9 years I never heard you growl! You loved to have your ears rubbed and we lean on your humans until we almost fell over. You drove us crazy with your squeaky babies up to the day of your death. When Lil Girls puppies were born your loved them as your own and we know you would have been a terrific mother! To this day we still believe that Ajax might think you were his mother.

It helps us to know that when you died that you were not alone that your precious Ajax was by your side at the vet. Who knew this morning when I took both of you to the vet that they would need to keep him as well. I guess God had that planned! You longtime Bouv companion Duke is still looking for you and bless his heart he has now outlived 3 of his special fur friends. You, Widget and Katie Sue I’m sure are playing tonight at Rainbow Bridge.

I hope you get to eat a huge meal of your favorite treats since you have had to do without for so long due to your special diet. I felt so bad no being able to give you treats like your other fur sisters and brothers, but we knew it would make you sick. We loved you dearly Torra Belle and you will remain in our hearts forever!!


With Love,
Keith, Dana & Lauren Terry