Trixie by Diane Wilsher / Diane

I miss you dear Trixie, oh so much.
Two months have gone since you left us.
You would let us know when it was time to go out,
And you always had a treat from the people that you loved.

I miss the three walks I would take you each day.
You loved carrying a ball along the way.
Your coat it shone like polished ebony.
After every shampoo we would kill all the fleas.

Your honest brown eyes would look up at me,
As you sat at my feet waiting for your meaty treat.
A packet of Shmackos would go down very well
For you loved those, anyone could tell.

Your companion, Mitzie, left us first,
Two years ago of a tumour that burst. She was a dog in a million. We’d never find like her,
For she’d curl up her lips and pretend she was hurt.
You are both re-united in heaven above,
And during your lifetime, you’d fill our hearts with love.
I miss you both very much so I say with tears in my eyes, Sleep well both.
It’s goodnight and goodbye.


Love from
28, July 2003
Diane Wilsher