Truman Androo by Brad & Roxanne / Mommy Roxanne


My baby is an angel now,
he’s watching over me;
and somewhere, he can run and jump,
on walks where he is free.
The limping from his painful joints,
has gone away at last;
and where he plays, each day anew,
he runs so very fast.
No needle, pill, or medicine,
will ever ‘gain be sought;
for things of age have disappeared,
eternal youth is caught.
And that which he could never do,
when living on this earth;
like frisbee, fetch, and climbing snow,
he does for all he’s worth.
So go, my boy, and feel the wind,
upon your gentle face;
and one day, I will journey too,
to meet you in that place.


All my Love,
Truman Androo
4, May 2005
Brad & Roxanne