Tut by Carole

To my precious Boston Terrier Tut. For almost 16 years you were my constant companion bringing joy to my life. You were my “sunshine” during the day and my “protector” at night. I watched you grow from an energetic puppy into a laid-back senior dog. I was your eyes when you could not see your ears when you could not hear and your legs when you could no longer walk. Our travels took us from the beaches of FL to the beaches of CA. We went to art shows took walks in the park even a vacation to Carmel. You amused everyone with your singing and talking talent. You were definitely one-of-a-kind and my life is much richer for having shared it with you. I thank you for the time you gave to me on this earth and I thank God for sending you to me. We will meet again.

Love Mom/Carole


11, September 2000