Tynaha by Marilyn McKenna / Mom and Dad and Czar

Tynaha was just six years old this year. She was a silver colored little girl. We had to leave her with someone we thought would take good care of her for a couple of hours. We came home and they said there had been accident.
We thought maybe she got away from them, but it was more horrific than that. She had been chained outside on a double lead that had two hooks. She had become entangled in one of the hooks by her collar and our little baby strangled to death.
I miss her so badly I had to be medicated. She had so spunky a personallity. She was laying in a chair she was still warm so we tried to revive her but could not. My heart is so broken I can’t function without thinking of her I miss her so terribly. Please dear lord take care of my little special girl.
She died so needlessly.


Can't get over losing you, Love and nose kisses
Marilyn McKenna