Whimpy by Kris Buel

Whimpy came to us unexpectantly.
I was unloading groceries from my car and
there he was. He had 2 sisters.
I found a home for one sister and
for him and his other sister
I snuck them in the house
at night in a clothes basket (

They had their own bedroom upstairs
until my husband wondered
why the door was always closed.
I won and the 2 cats stayed.

Whimpy was a wonderful big white with
orangish-brown tom cat.
He loved his cat food and
getting his chin rubbed.

My cats have always been
indoor-outdoor cats.
I wish that I could change that now,
as that is why Whimpy is gone.

A “jackel” cat hater cat attacked
Whimpy and ripped out
his whole private area.
I did not realize how bad off
he was until it was too late.

I am writing this in a lot
of grief and guilt.

I thought that because I lived
in the country my cats
would be safe outside.
I was very wrong.

Whimpy died last night of his injuries.
I will not let his sister
come to the same fate.

Thank you for letting me vent
some of this.
To all animal lovers- is it worth it?
I still think it is.

I will always remember you!



Kris Buel