Zacheriah T. Cat by RaeAnna Saks

Zacheriah first came into my life
at the age of 6 months.
He had been severely abused
by his then family. After over
a year of love and patience,
Zach stopped being afraid, and
stoppped attacking me out of that fear.
He slept in Gina’s crib,
at her feet,each night.
When I’d reach in to cover her
with a blanket, Zach would put
his paw on my arm, as if to protect her.
Then when Gina outgrew her crib,
Zach started sleeping with me.
He slept at my side every night,
always pulling my arm closer
to him as he rested his head on my shoulder.

Blaize joined our family to give him
feline company. Soon, Rudy and Elmo
found their way into our lives.
Then India and her two week old kittens,
Frisco, Cody and Georgie.
BraveHeart and Norton were then rescued
and joined us. And finally,
five little five week old kittens
were discovered abandoned by their mom.

Harley, Melody and Niagara
were adopted out; Lucy and Figaro
stayed with us. They always curled
up next to Zacheriah for their cat naps.

Zacheriah was protector
of them all, and he always came
to let me know if someone was misbehaving.
Zacheriah loved turkey.
Not canned cat food turkey,
but the real thing. His last meal,
lying in my arms, was turkey,
nd he was very happy about that.

Zacheriah gave me 13 years
of love and laughter, and
he will be missed very much.
I know that he is romping around
in kitty heaven with Elmo,
who died last September 11th
of congestive heart failure.

Zacheriah had to be relieved of
his suffering on August 31, 2002,
as he was very ill with bone cancer.
He went from 21 lbs to 13 lbs
in less than a year.

Mine were the last eyes into
which he looked as I held him
in my arms while he took his final breath.
I love you with all my heart,
Zacheriah T. Cat.
Hang out with Elmo till
I catch up with you!


Mommy loves you so much


Zacheriah T. Cat
RaeAnna Saks