Zipper by Rayleen / Your best friend

My baby was only 7 years old, and he was killed by some poor piece of crap that wanted to break in to our shop. If i ever find who killed my baby I am going to kill them. Well at least I know that I have one great loving caring angel up there watching over me. Every time I see one of my relatives dogs, which are the same breed I always cry; it’s not fair. I hate not being able to be with him. We’re also moving so he will be the only thing left here, buried in the yard, but he’ll always be in my heart. Even though I am 13, I sleep with his little doggy sweater every night. I pretend he is there with me. He was my bestest friend in the world,
and my favoritest kind of dog.

I love you Zipper.
Zipper I’ll be up there soon,
don’t forget about me!!
I love you.