Booster by Kat / Kat

“The story of how my cat, Booster, died”

Booster was a 13 year old cat. She had kidney problems, but thats not how she died. My family got Booster when I was 4 months old and she 2 months old… so yeah I knew her my whole life. Booster always hated moving… so on December 2,2009, when we moved here to Missouri, from Washington, she wouldn’t eat
much or come out much. It took us about 5-6 days to get to St. James (where I’m living). When we finally got here,
Booster was trying to find
a place were she could hide
but couldn’t find one. Booster was doing fine
until the night of January 14th… When Booster jumped onto my mom and dad’s bed, she started to breath very hard… That was when all the trouble started… My mom and dad were trying to find a 24/7 vet but couldn’t find one. So we waited until the next morning to go to a vet. Booster’s breathing didn’t get better, but got steadily worse. At around 3 pm here, my mom and I took Booster to the vet. But the car ride to the vet just made herworse… When we finally got to the vet, we waited for about 20 min.s for the vet. Finally she came. The vet gave her a couple of shots that were useless… The vet took Booster away before I got a chance to say goodbye and give her one last kiss on top of her head. Then my mom said that we need to go. I was trying very hard to hold back my tears but I couldn’t… I new that I would never see her again… I let the tears flow on our way home. When we got home and I stooped crying, I started looking at pictures of Booster so that I could put them in a scrapbook. I was home for about 5 minutes when the vet called… They said that she didn’t make it… I burst into tears because she was gone and never coming back to me… O how I miss her purrs and meows… O how I miss you Booster!!!!! Please go to the poems section and look for my poems (2) of Booster…
They are:
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Always Thinking of You,