Georgina by Danielle

Two Christmas’ ago my grandad brought me and my 2 bruv’s
a hamster each as I had always wanted!
I was so happy I’d play with them every minute of the day!
I’d count them as MY hamsters cos my bruv’s paid no attention to them.
When days went on I started to pay less and less attention to them.
Of course I loved them but never really showed it.

Until 3 March 2002 one of them called Georgina became ill.
Her eyes wouldn’t open and I found her lying
on her back in her cage trying to breath.
I grabbed her hugging her every minute
telling her I loved her no matter what
but it didn’t help ease my pain or hers.
I prayed for her to be better.
I later found out she was dying from wet tail.

I was so upset. I never knew how much she meant to me
until it came to this.
My mum said if wasn’t dead by the next day
it would have to be put down with a needle.
I was really mad and angry she had to go
but in away it was for the best as we would be putting her out of her misery.

I slept with her that night checking on her ever minute
knowing she would have to go but some how not believing it.
That day we took her to the vet.
It was the worst day ever for me.

We buried her in my garden and I always cry for her.
Many people would say ‘it’s just a hamster’ but to me its not.
I want her to know that I love her dearly and will never forget her.
I love you Georgina

From your mummy