Is-A-Boo by Colette

I found this site while looking for a name for my new puppy…
while reading about others losses I started to cry…
3 years after Isaboo died I still miss him so bad…

My neighbor went to her mother in-laws to get a puppy I asked her to
get one for me as well 50 dollars that I really couldn’t afford
but I scraped it up.
She came home later and I was waiting in her drive way her daughter got
out with the cutest puppy oh this one is ours her other daughter got
out and handed me a horrible mess and almost starved puppy
covered in dog mess I thought he wouldn’t make it
and my husband will kill me.
So I held him under warm water and cleaned him up called the vet
and they said bring him in I did they checked him over he was the runt
of the litter it seemed and no teeth at all our vet said he was
less than 6 weeks later I found out there were 2 litters and he
was badly starved.
I bought puppy milk and puppy cereal for him more money I couldn’t
afford along with the vet bill money well spent and I fed him with
a baby spoon I had him 9 years almost to the day…
he never grew more than 3 pounds couldn’t eat dog food
I cooked his food on the stove every 3 days a pot of dog food.
He had stomach trouble his whole life but he was pure love
and slept with me at the foot of my bed.
He lived through parvo and being squashed.
He road in my purse everywhere I went I even smuggled
him into the grocery store in my purse no one ever
told me he couldn’t come in.

He was blind the last 2 years of his life my daughter was home
with him and she asked if he wanted a bath he loved baths
he got excited and had a heart attack and died.
She was so upset and got her brother we were shopping that day,
they reached me on the cell phone I bought a hat box from
the craft store and we buried him in that along with his favorate toy
and his little quilt.

3 years later I still miss him..
my new little love is a little girl Isa would have loved her
even now I look at her and I think of Isaboo what if I stayed
home that day?
No it was his time I know this but its hard to let go
but I’m still trying… why is it so hard?
Probably because he was one of my kids he thought
so anyway …and so did I

I miss you Isaboo