Yoda by Stephanie / Mommy

The day I first met Yoda, I knew she was meant to be with me. My mother brought me to a breeder to buy a cornish rex. I had no idea what type of cat this was and was shocked when I walked into a cramped apartment crawling with semi-hairless cats. My mother decided on a very handsome dark male cornish rex. However, even though I wasn’t there to make a purchase, a scrawny, grey female with claw marks on her ears, hovering on the stove top for warmth, caught my eye. It was at that very moment I knew I was meant to purchase and protect this little creature. “That one”, I declared with confidence.

Over the years, my little Yoda girl brought so much joy to my life. Not many people understood my special bond with her. With a face only a mother could love, barely any hair, no teeth, an offensive odor, and a constant screeching meow, not many people could understand why I was so attached to this little girl. Perhaps it was her undying love and affection or her most pitiful appearance, but I just adored her. When I looked in her beautiful grey-green eyes, I saw the beauty that was within. She truly had a heart of gold.

Over the years, I weathered several storms with my Yode. I was told she had liver failure after bloodwork at the vets and her prognosis was she wouldn’t live very long. That was more than ten years before her death. She was attacked and mauled by a Rottweiler, but that couldn’t keep her down. She fell into a swimming pool and almost drown, swimming laps for who knows how long with her pencil thin arms. These are only a few of her brushes with death, but nothing seemed to keep this spunky little surviver from living well past her expiration date.

In Yoda’s final year, she made a miraculous turn around. Although she had been almost entirely hairless for most of her life, she suddenly grew a lush coat of fluffy, soft hair. It was very perplexing, but I was just happy she finally had a comfortable warm coat. We spent lots of time together sitting outdoors enjoying the bright sunshine and relaxing together. I spoiled her with lots of affection and treats, cutting steak or chicken into bit size pieces. It was a really nice year for both of us to remember.

In the end, Yoda had to say goodbye. She was at the very least 16, perhaps much older since she wasn’t a kitten when she came to become part of my family. Just as I was meant to protect her, she protected me as well. Against all odds, Yoda waited until I was out of the state to make her trip to the Rainbow Bridge. I know in my heart, she knew I could never bare finding her gone. She didn’t want me to ever have to remember her that way. Although I grieve her loss, it comforts me to know that she is with her friends right now, her beloved Pugsly, Rhett, Redman, Tabby, Ginny, Nanook, and Chewy.

Yoda- you may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. You were and always will be the most unique and special creature God could have ever created. I was so blessed to have you as a part of my life and will miss you dearly. You will always be my Yoda Love……


With fond memories,